Peter J Nicoll
Director / Cinematographer / Gimbal-Camera Operator

Peter Nicoll has worked as a Director of Photography in Washington, DC, New York, Boston and various countries around the world. Peter works to bring natural cinematic lighting to every location, combined with carefully selected framing and movement that is heavily motivated by his unique perspective and ability to listen to the director or clients.

All of his work starts with story and develops from there. He will always accept the physical challenge and loves shooting in difficult places and temperatures from -40 degrees in Alaska to deep in the boundary waters of Minnesota to the marble halls of the US capitol – Peter is comfortable bringing his unique set of experience and talents to each project.

Peter’s work is a unique blend of technology and craft. While extremely adept at grasping delicate ideas and making them accessible to audiences, his love of innovation and technology help create a well-balanced working set matched with interesting visuals and thoughtful messages. By combining traditional motion and lighting techniques to modern tools such as remote phosphor LEDs or Gimbal systems he is able to deliver striking images to any project.

Some of his recent work as a Cinematographer include shows for RedBull Media, The Wrap, Discovery Education, National Geographic, Animal Planet, Fremantle Media, Showtime Sports, PBS, Alex Gibney’s Jigsaw Productions, Trouper Productions, White Dwarf Productions, commercials, and corporate clients all over the United States.

Peter’s passion is his work. He is always looking for new and exciting opportunities as Director of Photography and Cinematographer alike. If your next project requires a dedicated, professional and accomplished DP — Peter J Nicoll is available for bookings. Please contact for schedule availability.